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    Default Otto Hutt design 05


    Because a fountain pen without paper is worthless and paper cannot be written on without a pen, the pen loop is my most important criterion when choosing a fountain pen.
    It is the link between thinking and writing, and a fountain pen that doesn't fit into any of my notebook loops or, because the loops are incorrectly attached, sticks out beyond them, is ruled out from the start. The fountain pen has to fit in the loop.
    Most of my notebooks - after all, you're always on the go when the good ideas want to be jotted down - need small, short fountain pens, and that's why I have a lot of these little Kawecos.


    The second criterion is that a fountain pen has to work. It has to write immediately, it has to be easy to use, and it has to be robust enough for everyday use. It must be able to fall to the floor without breaking. It must be able to withstand rough use.


    Third: The nib must be E or EF so that ink consumption is small and so is the writing, thus maximizing writing time and space. I don't write love letters on the road. I write down what is worth remembering, so that I don't have to remember it.
    That's the advantage of taking notes: The brain always remains free. The perception is unclouded.


    Fourth: I always keep a small spare cartridge somewhere. So the fountain pen must be able to be loaded with internationally available cartridges. Cartridges are a great invention. Plus, you don't get ink fingers with them, and you don't lug around an inkwell.


    All the rest, beauty, aura, brand name, shape, design, material, feel, price, ergonomics, reputation, gold nib, steel nib, ink color, ink flow and nib quality ... don't matter to me.
    I need a tool, not a toy.


    These Kawecos (Sport, Supra, Liliput) are good, but this Otto Hutt 05 is good too: it writes, it always writes, that's all it needs to do.
    It has three different radii, so it fits in many pen loops.
    The cap has a multi-step thread and requires only half a turn.
    It is slipped onto the shaft. You can work quickly with it.
    So the fountain pen is quickly ready for use and also quickly back in the pen loop.
    There is a touch tip at the rear end for inputting on a smartphone or tablet.
    This is exceedingly convenient and drastically reduces incorrect entries.
    The fountain pen has a brass body and is relatively heavy (47 grams) in the hand and does not require any pressure when writing.


    There is a fifth criterion: I have to like a fountain pen. To the tool must be added the aesthetics; the beautiful shape.
    This Otto Hutt 05 is not beautiful. It is not elegant. It won't win a Miss Universe award.
    But it is funny. It has character. It is unique.
    They dared to produce a fountain pen like this. A brave company.

    (The last picture - I can't remove - is not an Otto Hutt, but a Waldmann)
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