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Thread: OPUS88- Lennon Toolbar Collaboration Halo Pen Review Its Absolute Stellar!

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    Default OPUS88- Lennon Toolbar Collaboration Halo Pen Review Its Absolute Stellar!

    - Huge Ink Capacity
    -Shut-Off-Valve prevent leaks & burps.
    -Unique Ice-Effect Design
    - Well Balanced
    - Good Quality Material used Scratch Resistant
    - The Jowo nib on my Opus 88 writes flawlessly.
    - Nice Packaging
    - Comfortable even when used capped
    - Fits perfectly even in people with small hands.
    - Affordable Price Tag
    - Good EDC Pen

    -It takes many turns to uncap 3 turns!!!!
    -You need to open valve for long writing sessions.

    Some Other Specs For You
    Nib Material Steel
    Body Material Resin
    Fill Mechanism- Eye Dropper
    Ink capacity -2ml
    Cap Type- Threaded
    Demonstrator- Yes
    Clip Style- Spring Metal
    Nib width- Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad & Stub.
    Closing System- Screw cap
    Material- Resin
    Trim Colour Silver
    Length Closed 142 mm
    Length Barrel 125mm
    Length posted-160mm
    Diameter- 14mm
    Diameter Grip10.7 mm
    Weight-Barrel (Empty)- 0.46 oz / 13 grams
    Weight(Cap)-0.39 oz / 11 grams
    Weight Whole Pen (Empty)-0.84 oz / 24 grams

    Packaging Very Nice , this pen comes in a light blue box over which both OPUS88 & Lennon Tool Bar Branding. It looks very very nice with a beautiful white box inside where pen sits comfortably. Their is a very nice eye dropper adjacent to pen. You never get this kind of premium packing at this price point. You will surely like the unboxing experience.

    Design- Very Nice, The body of the pen is made of very nice resin,it feels good in hand & material is almost scratch proof. The Lennon Tool Bar logo has been engraved on top of The cap. It has OPUS88 written too on back of clip. It looks nice IMO.

    The overall shape is a hybrid of both the classic flat-top classic cigar shape designs. The pen gradually gets wider as you move towards the middle of the pen and reaches its widest part on the cap.The clip is very sturdy & is reliable. The pen comes with #5 size nib,but I think size #6 nib would have been better. The finials have a mostly flat end, but there is a slight rounding to them which in my opinion looks very good. Their is an O ring at the bottom, which suits the overall appearance of the pen. Their is slight step down on section. The pen takes too many turns to uncap, around 3 which some people wont like.

    Filling Mechanism- Good ,OPUS 88 has been making great Eyedroppers since many years now, this pen is too a no nonsense eye dropper with a shut off valve.As, you dont need to apply silicon grease on threads unlike other ED Pens which is a very nice thing .It a simple mechanism & works perfectly. The ink capacity is around 2ml which is on higher side. The shut off valve has some impact on ink flow, but not much.I am personally fan of shut off valve filling mechanism rather than normal Eye dropper.

    Nib Performance Good , This pen comes with #5 steel nib. It is made by JOWO but tuned by OPUS88. It is smooth & writes very well out of the box & has very less feedback. The nib has brand name & nib size printed on it . The pen wrote very well out of the box.

    Overall- Very Nice , This is made by OPUS88 in collaboration with Lennon Toolbar Inks, Both are young companies but they have done really great job with this pen, improving the earlier shortcomings. The pen is very nicely built & a quality product. Its MRP will be around $90 in USA which makes it strong competitor to other pens available in this price segment. If someone is looking for a clean eye dropper pen around $100 range its the best

    PS- I purchased this pen from Taiwan through a friend who pre-booked & then shipped it to me. And images shared have been taken by HC LEE, My images couldnt have done justice with beauty of the pen.

    My blog link -

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    Default Re: OPUS88- Lennon Toolbar Collaboration Halo Pen Review Its Absolute Stellar!

    Beautiful pen. I have 3 Opus 88 models and want to buy an additional 3, just to have them. Opus 88 pens feel great in the hand and I have had no writing issues. The 3 turns to open don't bother me at all, and the abundant "threadage" has no impact on my grip.

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