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Thread: Difference Between P28, P482, and P488

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    Default Difference Between P28, P482, and P488

    Hey folks,

    I recently taken a shine to some of the old Silvexa-trimmed cartridge pens. One of my acquisitions is an all-Silvexa model. The cap, however, is from a P21. In trying to determine which model this pen is, Iím having a difficult time distinguishing between three of Pelikanís offerings: the P28, P482, and P488. I can see no difference at all between the three when it comes to the barrel and section.

    My example has a silver-toned 14k nib, but Iím not sure if that makes it a 488 or if thatís a production change that could have been present on any of these models.

    So what is the difference between these three models? The 482 and 488 appear to have been in production contemporaneously, so there has to be *some* difference, right?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: Difference Between P28, P482, and P488

    A good resource is

    Dominic has a very comprehensive site with photos, dimensions etc for many pens.

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    Default Re: Difference Between P28, P482, and P488

    As far as I can tell they are all identical.
    The P28 is the first model.
    The P482 is the same except Pelikan switched to three digit numbers.
    The P488 is the same again, but the "export model".
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