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Thread: Reverse writing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Empty_of_Clouds View Post
    Is it really a thing?

    In all the time I've used fountain pens, both recent years and distant years, I have never felt the need nor desire to write with the (often untipped) up-side of the nib.

    So, do people really reverse write with their pens? Or is it some weird thing that has been born on YouTube?

    Colour me curious.

    ps, asked around and nobody I personally know has ever heard of it.
    It is a matter of practicality.

    On a pen that works, the ink is already at the tip of the tines, whether you choose to let it on the paper using the underside or topside, it will write either way.

    But on most nibs, writing with the topside will yield firmer and finer lines than otherwise. And sometimes this can be used to our advantage.

    I do admit that I feel strange when using the nib reversed for the whole writing (or sketching) session, it feels like I'm not using the pen correctly, no matter how my mind tried to rationalize it.

    I also remember a few occasion when I irritatingly discover a nib which writes in an exquisite fine italic when used in reverse, but when used normally, it produce boring and blobby lines.
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