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Thread: Montblanc 221

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    Default Montblanc 221

    This is the case that came with my 221 earlier today seems cheap and fake for a montblanc is my pen fake?

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    Default Re: Montblanc 221

    The 221 was a second tier pen from the era when MB still made second tier pens. Cheap was part of the formula. Even with the Meisterstück pens from that period the focus was on the pen rather than the packaging.

    In general, if buying MBs makes you nervous, either don’t buy them or buy them from MB itself.

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    Default Re: Montblanc 221

    In the 50-70 era, MB also made even cheaper 3XX pens and had Monta Rosa (or such) as it's real cheap sub brand.
    Over the generations, MB had some 23-25 sub brands. They had covered flag ship to cheap as anyone else.

    Living in Germany I'd not bought a $5-7 or even $10 at 2-3 DM to $1 MB ball point, when I could have gotten a $3.75 Jotter from the PX. (I do have one. Clip lever ballpoint 1978. Given out by an insurance company. I'd not paid attention to MB ball points. I gave it to a neighbor who gave it back once he saw it had a snowflake. ) Now costs E-85. At KUSERA where I borrowed the picture.

    Those were the days my friend...when free ball points were just coming in.....and I'd not dreamed of buying a fountain pen. I had my un-used P-75 and Stirling silver thin ball point/mechanical pencil...different cartridges, that I didn't use either.....even in the house. That P-75 BP/MP was as thin as the famous thin high status Cross matt black and gold ball point...which I'm glad I didn't buy...well I was going to, when I got mugged by the P-75 brothers.

    A full generation of cheaper than dirt, used, obsolete fountain pens. An I missed the good old days...................the good old days of a decade ago of $15 Esties, were not really the good old days.
    I have Regina Martini's ever so sad, auction price fountain book in DM with prices 20-25 years ago.
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