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Thread: What Chinese pens you used today.

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    Default Re: What Chinese pens you used today.

    Quote Originally Posted by Scrawler View Post
    About 12 years ago I bought this off eBay. I bought it because of the Jerusalem Cross on the cap and had the idea of giving it to a friend for whom this symbol has importance. This pen is comfortable to hold and writes very nicely. However I have not managed to find a converter to fit it. No cartridge fits easily. To use it I have refilled international cartridges that I have stretched the mouth on. I don't know who the manufacturer was and I have not seen another identical.
    That is a finial to buy a pen for. The shape of the nib is the same on the now discontinued (I think) Hero 389, one of the few Chinese pens I still use regularly. It is a surprisingly good and consistent writer even when filled with potentially difficult inks. I nick-named mine the Zulu because that nib shape brought to mind the shape of the shields used by the Zulu warriors in the film Zulu from the 60s.
    Looking for the now discontinued Uni-ball Millino mechanical pencil to buy or trade for ( PM me if you have one or more you would care to part with.

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    Default Re: What Chinese pens you used today.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sailor Kenshin View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Cyril View Post
    I can remember long time age back in my school years, I used a pen ( Chinese or Indian made I am not sure yet) . It is similar to the above pen. Name of the pen was "YOUTH"and we had many popular general pens as Pilot , Parker, Youth, etc.
    Now I know these Chinese knock-out pens were based on " Parker 51". This is a solid pen no doubt. I love Parker 51 and having a firm nib, it is a good pen to take quick notes and do daily writing.
    There's a Hero Youth model that I have, from back in the good old isellpens day. Works well.
    Exactly that is the pen I am referring to.... Hero Youth !!!
    It was on of the popular pens in my school days in 1970. I remember the ink and the pens I was playing with.

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    Default Re: What Chinese pens you used today.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dougc View Post
    I'm somewhat anti Chinese pens, but I recently got a Majohn V1.

    I love it.

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    Thought Id give one a whirl 🤣IMG_7815.jpg

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    Default Re: What Chinese pens you used today.

    I bought a couple inexpensive ($25 USD) Jinhao rollerball pens on eBay and surprising they look and feel very nice. NOT crazy about the ink refill it came with so looking to swap those but for $25 - WOW.

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