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Thread: PENLUX Masterpiece Grande Review - Great pen with some flaws

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    Default PENLUX Masterpiece Grande Review - Great pen with some flaws

    Pros –

    • Smooth Piston

    • Well Tuned Nib Out Of The Box

    • Nice Material

    • No Drying

    • Great Build Quality (no cracking issues like TWSBI)

    • Nice wheel clip

    Cons –

    • Size #6 nib looks disproportionate on this jumbo sized pen

    • Not for people with small hands

    • Expensive for a steel nib

    • Not that comfortable if posted

    • It takes around 2.5 turns to uncap

    Specs that you must know–

    - Ink Capacity – 1 ml

    - Overall Weight – 33 grams

    - Weight (cap) – 11 grams

    - Weight (body) – 22 grams

    - Length (posted) – 6.72in

    - Length (overall) – 5.87in

    - Nib Size – #6 Jowo nib

    - Length (cap) – 2.75 in

    - Length (body) – 5.30 in

    - Grip Diameter- 11mm

    - Diameter cap with clip – 21 mm

    - Diameter of body – 15.2 mm

    - Cap rotations to open- 2.5 rotations

    - Body & Grip material – Resin


    Okay- Okay , The pen comes in a black box with a black outer sleeve. The bottom has “Penlux '' written in golden colour. Their is nothing spectacular about this packing; it's pretty standard.

    Build Quality & Material-*

    Great ,The pen* is made of very nice resin & is similar to shape of Mont Blanc 149 . I like the pens in cigar shape , so I too like the shape of this pen very much. The cap finial & bottom finial both are dome shaped & the clip is a wheel clip which suits this pen.The cap has a cap band at the end of the cap over which company name has been written. The threads are not sharp at all & they won’t bother you while writing.The barrel slightly tapers from the barrel band towards the barrel threads where there is a slight step down. Overall it’s very nice design & build quality is great too.


    Filling Mechanism-

    It is a piston filler , which is made by Penlux* in-house team. And honestly they have done great job in their first pen. The aluminium piston is smooth & holds good amount of ink. The piston mechanism works efficiently without any issues.*

    Nib Performance-*

    Great, The nib performed well out of the box. It is very smooth & wet out of the box .There's no drying at all even after a week , the cap seal works very well. The stock nib is Jowo #6, You can upgrade it to gold nib also.


    Good , It's the first pen from the house of Penlux & they have done a great job.* The main point of attraction of this pen is its piston & Penlux has done a good job there. But you must keep in mind that #6 size nib looks very small on this pen as it’s fairly very large.Also it retails around $190 which I feel is on the higher side for steel nib .

    Buying – This pen is available with most of pen shops.Its also available at Wonder Pens who provide delivery option worldwide.

    [images ](

    [detailed review](

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