My 4 in 1 HP printer has been hanging on for a while now, but today after loud clanks and clunks it has finally packed up altogether. Yay.....LOL

The "possibles" list seems endless and none seem to come particularly well recommended so it's like trying to negotiate a minefield.
People don't seem to get on very well with their printers at least within the UK.

We want a 4 in 1 home machine that prints and scans in colour and can print colour photos occasionally.
Don't want ink to be stupidly expensive or subscription only every month or so. HP - looking at you there.
Double sided printing would be good but not essential as would the ability to use different paper sizes easily.
For me an excellent colour scanner would be an advantage.
We need to be able to use it on our home network despite the fact that our Mac software isn't particularly up to date.

Does anyone actually have a printer that they like that works well and they would actually recommend to others?