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Thread: Nib doubts about a canadian 30s Vacumatic and 30s USA Vacumatic

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    Default Nib doubts about a canadian 30s Vacumatic and 30s USA Vacumatic

    Hi friends!

    I have this two vacumatics that need a replacement nib.

    1) I think that the green one is a MADE IN CANADA Standard for the 30s (based on several books, FPN and other posts, etc). Is that correct? I had some issues looking for a replacement Canadian nib (I found that the right one must be like the picture attached). It is OK to use a MADE IN USA nib for this pen? If yes, would you please share a picture of the right MADE IN USA nib? If not, where can I find the right Canadian nib for this pen (online)?

    2) In respect of the black one (13.4mm length capped, approximately), I think it is a MADE IN USA Standard. Am I right?


    WhatsApp Image 2021-08-30 at 08.56.12.jpegWhatsApp Image 2021-08-30 at 08.58.56.jpegbv4.jpgbv3.jpgbv 2.jpgnibs.jpg

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    Default Re: Nib doubts about a canadian 30s Vacumatic and 30s USA Vacumatic

    The first pen is actually a grey pearl model, not green. Because the barrel says "made in canada," the nib should be canadian two-tone nib--I don't think Canadian pens were sold (at least with any regularity)with american nibs--all the manufacturing was done in Canada. Of course, there were probably some instances of contemporary replacement with U.S nibs: a Canadian client moved or headed south, dropped their pen etc. and went to their local stationer, who replaced it with the American nibs they had on hand.
    For sourcing a standard-size Canadian could check with fivestarpens:
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    Default Re: Nib doubts about a canadian 30s Vacumatic and 30s USA Vacumatic

    Thanks for the link, was able to find out not all English Parker Jr. Duofold were semi-flex...mild flex as the seller rates it. Some of them had the normal Parker firm nib.
    I had made an assumption based on one pen.

    At a German flea market, I was quite astounded that a Parker ...even if made in England could have a semi-flex nib...of course I bought that post war Jr. Duofold.

    I do have a '36 Canadian factory stub BB on a @ + - '39 Blue diamond American Vac.
    For writing I don't think it matters, but collecting it would.
    I forgot if it was '38-39 or 40.
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