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Thread: How Did You Get Here?

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    Default Re: How Did You Get Here?

    Seeing we have wandered so far off course, this is a fantastic version:

    Vintage. Cursive italic. Iron gall.

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    Default Re: How Did You Get Here?

    I rather liked this take on the Odyssey:

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    Default Re: How Did You Get Here?

    Quote Originally Posted by guyy View Post
    I rather liked this take on the Odyssey:

    I was recently telling my students about the Molly Bloom interior monologue/soliloquy at the end of the novel.

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    Default Re: How Did You Get Here?

    I find the idea of "imaginary cats" quite intriguing, my two real ones are weird enough!
    The only pen I can remember from school is an Osmiroid. Not that I remember much about it, I think it was an object of desire, though not as desirable as a Parker, which by the time I got one had become a mere utilitarian object to me.
    What got me here is this. I had been contacted (emailed) by an old girlfriend about 55 years after the event. (And I DO mean event!). She was a young librarian back then, and I was at art school with her best friend, who was going out with my best friend.

    There is a longer story but I'll spare you that. One day I received a beautifully written letter in the mailbox. It was from the librarian's 'friend' and was a just full of newsy fun, plus sweet little drawings thrown in. Just full of handwritten, handmade character. The old girlfriend had given her friend my address. I had to reply by pen of course, so I bought a cheap Shaeffer at the local office suppiers because like most, I've been dealing with keyboards and felt-tips for many years. That Shaeffer did the job initially, but like most things in life I've never been satisfied with the basic item. An inveterate 'fiddler'.
    I picked up a couple of pens at charity shops and worked on them a bit. Got a couple online.
    Then on a phone-call, in passing, I mentioned my enthusiasm for old pens to my ol' step-mum. Irene had been a distinguished educationalist and Headmistress. (We're rather proud of her M.B.E). Well, a couple of weeks later came a little parcel of old pens. Her and my dad's old pens, which I treasure, particularly my father's Rotring 'Artist' (he was an Artist) and the beautiful Shaeffer set presented to Step-mum on 'the occasion'.

    Hooked then. By the pen.

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