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    Default Pens personalized through use

    My latest acquisition, which I'd credit Will (penwash) and Christof (christof) for encouraging me towards, is this old, worn-out Pelikan 101N from the late '30s. After owning more than 12 vintage 400s, I finally have its predecessor, which I must say, is even more happy in my hand. The combination of hard rubber section and celluloid barrel is delightful while writing, as is the way the captop and knob's rounded square ends feel to the touch. Perhaps more than my 400s did, it just begs to be used upon touching it.

    The nib of the pen was unknown to me when I purchased it--no writing sample was provided--but I could see that it at least had something broader than a fine. What I didn't fully appreciate until it arrived were the two deep grooves on the left tine, and the strange angle of the tipping.



    The angle results in a strange sort of left-footed architect's nib, with a brush-like feel. Very curious.


    I brought it over yesterday to Brad Torelli, eager for an expert's opinion. He immediately recognized this type of wear, and said he's seen it on several pens before: the grooves on the tine from were likely caused by metal straight-edge, the angle of the tipping by repeated strokes along that edge. So this was drafting pen! What sort of drafting did it do, I wonder? Why did the owner use it this way, when they could have used a pencil, or at least a stylograph? Or is there yet another explanation entirely?

    Regardless, it has created a conundrum: should I enjoy the pen this way, considering it got to write like this from years of deliberate use? For others that have pens like this, marked by their use in some way, how do you feel about changing them/repairing the signs use? Does the reminder make them more special for you, even if the user is anonymous? Or does it cause frustration?
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