last time i filled the grooves with gold urushi.

the results were somewhat acceptable, but it seems more layer is required to make the color deeper.

soon i realized some real potential problems with the original chinkin technique.

it seemed that i simply cannot fill in the grooves all the way to the top.

that would require tremendous amount of inefficient work, as well as a lot of consumed gold.

first of all, it doesn't feel smooth to touch.

second, i can only superficially coat the grooves, which reveals the groove markings.

contaminants will fill in these grooves, as the pen is regularly used.

this would make the pen, not a practical writing instrument.

much contamination will happen inevitably and frequent cleaning will be required.

with repetitive cleaning, there is possibility of thin, delicate gold layer getting damaged.

third, after completing the chinkin, final polishing is required.

however, these grooves are basically magnet to contaminant.

polishing the pen is a chore, as all the polishing agent will be filled in the grooves.

there's possibility of gold layer getting wornout during the polishing process,

and possibility of damage during cleaning process.

so, just like the blossoms i worked previously, i decided to fill in these grooves with silver urushi.

this time however, i decided to make the silver urushi brighter.

however, it seems to be too bright.

previous silver urushi was too dark.

i think i have to find the middle ground, that would be pleasing to look at.

compared to the previous gold finish, i prefer the silver urushi inlay finish.

1. the finishing is perfectly smooth, without texture or bumps, with fine details that is impossible to do with a brush.

2. the markings seem more definite

3. durability is much better

so far, i have yielded positive results from the tests.

with eureka chinkin V3, and acquired knowledge of the silver urushi inlay finish, i am hoping the next prototype will be much enhanced.

i am striving to do my best, and i hope i am able to present to you finer artwork that will much please.

thank you.