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Thread: Anyone Having Problems with Andy Lambrou?

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    Default Anyone Having Problems with Andy Lambrou?

    In February 2019 I paid a deposit exceeding $1200 to Andy Lambrou for an LB8 that was to be made. Since that time I have periodically attempted to check on progress with Andy. Occasionally I received excuses ranging from Paul Rossi being away to Covid to Andy working on a book, etc. but many of the times I received no response. Finally in August 2020 I requested either an estimated completion date or a refund of my deposit. I received no response from Andy and have not heard from him since.

    Since that time I have become aware that I am not the only person that has received this treatment from Andy Lambrou. I have heard from others who have paid deposits and haven't gotten a pen, can't get their deposit refunded, and receive no response from Andy to emails.

    I have finally elevated things at my bank high enough that they appear to be interested in getting involved, especially since there is more than one person having a similar problem.

    May I ask that if anyone is having a problem with Andy Lambrou not delivering their pen, refusing to refund their deposit, and not responding to emails, please contact me as soon as possible. You can message me through the system here, or use direct email to


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    Default Re: Anyone Having Problems with Andy Lambrou?

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