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Thread: Kaco Edge Black Makrolon Review- It's a steal at $20 !!

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    Default Kaco Edge Black Makrolon Review- It's a steal at $20 !!

    Kaco is a young Chinese Pen company based in Shanghai which has been making Fountain Pens since 2011. Kaco pens are generally very well made and are readily available in many countries.I have reviewed their Master 14k gold nib recently & it was an amazing pen, it simply surprised me with its quality. So, I decided to review their models. There is very little information available on the internet about their*products.Kaco*just follows minimalistic design principles. This “Edge Pen” is their popular model & is made of Makrolon which is not so common material but popular material.

    “Makrolon,” is a very popular material , Iconic “Lamy 2000” is made of this material. Makrolon is a polycarbonate material known for its strength and lightweight. No other manufacturers make pens in Makrolon , Kaco has done a really good job with their choice of material.


    Unique Design*

    Brushed Makrolon Finish*

    Good for long writing sessions*

    Well Balanced (both capped & uncapped)

    Very nice Schmidt nib!*

    Snap Cap*

    Very Nice Grip Section*

    Great Pricing*


    Converter isn’t included (it uses standard international converter)

    Clip Design is good , but it's hard to use the clip !



    Material- Makrolon


    Length with Cap:138mm

    Uncapped length - 127 mm

    Length Posted- 151 mm

    Weight Capped- 24.33 grams*

    Weight Uncapped- 12.65 grams

    Grip Diameter - 11 mm

    Body Diameter- 11.9 mm*

    Nib Sizes Available: Extra Fine / Fine /Medium Nib (About 0.3-0.4mm/0.4-0.5mm/0.5-0.6mm)*

    Packing-*The Kaco Edge pen comes in a simple plastic pen box with one cartridge included in the box , the packing is simple yet better than most of the penmakers who make pens at this price. The converter isn’t included in the package which is disappointing but its not a dealbreaker especially for the price this pen comes at…

    Appearance & Design-*This Kaco*Edge*looks*amazing.This*looks similar to Lamy 2000.The Makrolon looks solid and is very comfortable to write*with.The*combo of Makrolon and stainless looks as sharp as on the L2K, and it seems just as solid in the hand. I have no doubt this pen will last a long time.The Edge uses a snap cap with a clutch ring like the Lamy. It takes some force, but we get a snap when the cap*closes.The*section is made of brushed aluminium which*is very comfortable and convincing to hold.*


    This pen clip is like a wedge of aluminum which operates via spring. It looks good but it's a bit hard to clip the pen to my pocket. The pen is very well balanced , so it's very comfortable for very long writing sessions too.


    Construction-*The construction of this pen is top*notch.The*pen has a brushed Makrolon finish which looks better even than Lamy 2000.The pen is elegant & is a perfect minimalistic office pen. You will get many compliments when you carry this pen to the office because of its unique clip & material.


    Filling System-*This is a simple C/C*system.Any*standard international converter will fit this pen. 2 standard long cartridges are included with this pen , inks look very nice & are of high quality.*


    Nib Performance-

    *Kaco Master has* #5 nib made by Schmidt, nib is smooth out of the box. I found Kaco has good quality control,as most of their nibs which I have tested turned out very well. The flow of my pen is on the wetter side. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


    This is totally worth the $20 price, to be honest it's a loot for this price. The pen is very well made & has a good steel nib. It has a minimalistic look,which is amazing. This pen comes in 3 colors- black , brown & blue . I really can't expect anything more at this price. It is true value for money given the quality, ergonomics and writing*experience.This*is a value for money pen but it would have been better if Kaco would have included a converter with this pen

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    Default Re: Kaco Edge Black Makrolon Review- It's a steal at $20 !!

    I agree that this is an amazing pen, and one that deserves more attention! I have one in all three colors, and the brown and blue are spectacular. As you say, the pens are very comfortable to hold. I can't get the clip to clip onto anything , so I have tried to think of it as a roll stop rather than a grip.
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