For sale is a sterling silver Sheaffer Imperial fp with 14k inlaid B nib. There is no marking on the nib that I can see, but it certainly looks and writes like a broad nib. The pen is a c/c filler. I got the pen in a trade about 5 or so years ago and only inked it once then and again now to test the nib. The nib seems to write quite wet. The sterling silver cap and barrel haven't been cleaned or polished at all since I got the pen. The gold clip has typical light scratches from age and normal use. I just discovered that the squeeze converter seen in one of my pictures seems to leak. I will still include it with the pen. The yellow or green seen on the cap and barrel in some of my pictures is just a reflection. $110 including shipping in the USA. I will accept PayPal or check/money order. If you are interested, please send me a private message. Thank you.

Sheaffer Imperial 1b.JPGSheaffer Imperial 2a.JPGSheaffer Imperial 3c.JPGSheaffer Imperial 5d.JPGSheaffer Imperial 6b.JPGSheaffer Imperial 7c.JPGSheaffer Imperial 8a.JPGSheaffer Imperial 9c.JPGSheaffer Imperial 10a.JPGSheaffer Imperial 11b.JPG