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To the 2nd remark, there is a lot of brand loyalty these days to some of the smaller makers. US company Franklin-Christoph has a 'club' for people who have purchased 50 of their pens (yes, you read that correctly).
What the hey? I looked at Franklin-Christoph's website. They have a number of pens that look nice, IMHO at least, and a few that don't. They seem to be quite overpriced, however, and it beggars belief that anyone would purchase fifty.

Others are constantly chasing the latest remarkable (the polite word) for new custom acrylic pours by Jonathon Brooks and Bub Dupras, ...
Like the south end of a northbound baboon, to put it somewhat less kindly. Certain pens look like something that would appeal to a 10-12 year old. I had never heard of Jonathon Brooks or Bob Dupras before I read your post.

It looks there are fountain pens using Invicta watches for inspiration. Ah well, to each his or her own. If some folks like garish pens or like to hoard, it's no skin off my nose. There are plenty of great looking pens available at all price points. I just hope that people enjoy whatever pens they acquire.