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Thread: My first "Lucky Curve" ... well mostly.

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    Default My first "Lucky Curve" ... well mostly.

    Thinking that this is maybe actually a pre-before-naming-duofold-officially kind of deal, Jade didn't make it into Duofold line officially until 1927, but they had the color on them only marked as "Lucky Curve" from 1925, and the 'black tipped' wasn't until 1926.

    Edit Again Guess this is a Duofold Junior, 1926~1928 (til they stopped putting just Lucky Curve on the barrel), and RonZ pointed out due to the Challenger cap fitting, it would be the junior size, of the same threading/pitch.

    Gambled on getting this Pre-Duofold "Lucky Curve", as the images by the seller were quite horrible and hard to see what exactly the nib was and so forth.

    It arrived with a WASP (W.A. Sheaffer Pen) green circuitboard cap which wasn't quite right on the fit as it would quickly tighten without a section install, risking cracking of the cap lip (and isn't a match to the brand even). Pulled a Challenger cap out of my parts drawer from a Challenger that still needs a nib and button, which threaded on good without issues.

    I say 'mostly' because I don't have an original cap, and I suspect the nib is not original to the pen either saying "Parker Duofold" on the nib, and doesn't have that 'lucky curve' tail off the back of the feed.

    The section is threaded to the barrel, and the pressure bar states "For Screw Section Pens" engraved on it. The barrel itself is rather translucent held up to the light and might make a good fit for a clear silicone sac instead of latex as sort of an 'ink view'.
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