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Thread: M200 Anthricite And Medium Nib

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    Default M200 Anthricite And Medium Nib

    I have had a M200 Anthricite, a translucent pen, that came with an extra fine, EF, nib. I changed it to a medium, M, nib, and the medium wrote a finer line than the EF nib. I have sometimes found situations like this with Pelikan nibs. It's kind of amusing. I think I'll continue to use the medium in the hope continued flow of ink will open up the flow. The ink is a very dark Noodlers green. I am not looking for a fix, I was just amused to have a medium gold plated nib write finer than a gold plated extra fine. Both steel nibs. Excitement in Tecumseh, Michigan, during a snow storm.

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    Default Re: M200 Anthricite And Medium Nib

    I've not had that problem....and lately have gone over to getting M nibs on my 200's.
    There was a thread of something similar on the other com with in the last few weeks.

    I only have a few pens with EF, and I have two inked right now for editing. But a few months ago, I got a Waterman Mann 200 F that is thinner than my Pelikan EF nib on my 200. That then is a known thin nib or at least back in the day.


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