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Thread: Montblanc 146 original standard nib vs calligraphy nib pros & cons?

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    Default Montblanc 146 original standard nib vs calligraphy nib pros & cons?

    At the moment I only have standard 146 pens (including Writers editions) but would love to know from users of both types which they prefer for regular, every day writing.

    When I say "every day writing" I don't mean taking a long time to practice calligraphy in a journal, but every day letter writing or scribbling out a few quick notes when you test an ink for the first time. The sort of writing you might do when you don't really need to take your time to specifically write calligraphy letters.
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    Default Re: Montblanc 146 original standard nib vs calligraphy nib pros & cons?

    I think Calligraphy nib will be boring in your hand for just normal writing. Calligraphy type/very soft nib needs more attention than a normal nibs.
    I have several soft type nibs.
    They are... Platinum/ sailor soft nibs . Pilot Namiki Falcan SF/ Ahab soft flex and a pelican soft nib.
    They are not calligraphy type nibs but they won't make your writing boring as they tends to be for any type of Writing plus FORMAL stressed writing called FLEX WRITING.
    I have tried the Pelikan 800 and it has a soft nib. I did not like it all and even I tend to use real calligraphy pens that nib was way out of my control. So if this Montblanc CALLIGRAPHY nibs is similar , then it is not a very good nib for general non formal writing for me. I want to the Mont Blanc Boutique one day( that was when the pen was introduced ) and it was not available for a try-out.
    I am planing to go there again when I pass that way to try it out.
    I am very impressed by some calligraphy writing and it seems to be a good tool in a trained hand.
    I like this thread and I am sure you have seen this before.


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