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Thread: Andrew Lensky's email

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    Default Andrew Lensky's email

    I'll be posting this elsewhere in this forum, too. It's a brief exchange I had with Andrew on FB. It is me asking him how he can be reached and his reply.

    Hi Andrew,
    I'm Lloyd in the forums. There are
    many at FPG that are very concerned about you, support Ukraine, and would get in touch with you if they knew how. What is your email address?
    With deepest respect and support,

    Hi Adam,
    I remember you. Thank you
    for your support of Ukraine. The
    regular email of my site is not stable
    as well as the work of the site, I'm not sure how long it will work. My public email (pm Lloyd), but you must understand, when rockets fly over your house and explosions are heard, I can not always answer. We don't know the future, but we believe in our

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