Hello, all. I've owned a number of modern Waterman pens over the years, and have held onto a few--a Le Man 200 caviar, an Expert II, and a Phileas. I'd love to try a vintage Waterman, and have been doing some research, but still feel a bit at sea in terms of which model to start with.

I like larger pens that aren't too heavy--say, uncapped and unfilled, 127mm or longer, and 25g or lighter--which I think (corrections welcome!) means I'm looking at #01852, #12, #14S, #44, #45, #46, #52, #55, or #645.

I'm not too worried about the filling mechanism, though I'd love an eye-dropper (#12, #14, others?). I've heard great things about safety pens (12s, 44, 46, others?)--I'm not sure I totally get the appeal, but it might be fun to try.

I'm not bothered about flex--a flex or semi-flex nib would be fun to have, but not a requirement.

I'm not worried about the finish for this first foray into vintage Waterman (though if I'm being honest, that red ripple is pretty snazzy.)

I don't mind paying a fair price, but I'm hoping to start with a relatively cheaper model for this first one.

So! Given all that, is there anything else I should be thinking about?

Any particular model strike you as perfect for my first one?

Any recommendations on particular sellers, here or elsewhere? I'll be going to the Baltimore pen show next weekend, and would love to connect there and try the pens in person!

Many thanks, all.