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Thread: Picked up Another WASP Clipper, this time the smallest one they made

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    Default Picked up Another WASP Clipper, this time the smallest one they made

    This arrived today, was a lot smaller than I expected (but I didn't bother to inquire about the price code). It's the Ladies size of the 195 price point (4.5" long with 0.4" barrel) with the #4 12K nib. The other Clipper I already have is an oversized ("Large" 395/500) one with a #7 12K nib.*

    I've bought for this seller before, and consistently come to expect that the sac will need to be replaced and pen cleaned despite being advertised as ready to write (they fill and all, but the sacs tend to be in the gummy stage with small amount of brown talc like remnant that has a strong almost minty chemical scent around the sac, and usually needs a good flush with the left over ink).*

    Liked seeing the feed design on this little one, had to knock the feed out as the nib was kind of loose fitting that it could shift to the left or right on a scribble, and pushing it in from the front wasn't practical. Normally I avoid trying to knock out the nib/feed on a visualated grip. Noticed they notched out one side of the feed at the start of the tail, likely to allow for the last bit of ink to still make it down the feed when the pen was nearly empty.*

    Not sure when they changed the clip to the more recognized chevron emblem, but my larger one seems older with a more generic shape and clip.*

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