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Thread: duofold cap band

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    Default duofold cap band

    After renovating an aerometric UK duofold I inherited - most things I have found info on.
    One though is alluding me - as to how a cap band is removed ?
    Right now I do not need to - but a I am looking online etc for whats around -
    and swapping a worn band seems a useful thing to do in some cases ?

    Am I right in thinking the lower cap section below the band is threaded into the cap ?
    if so - how tight ? - glued ? etc.
    These are nice pens and I would like to buy in a few more in need of love and care - especially the older button fill types.

    Thanks - new poster - well, old worn out new poster !

    Geoff - Bristol UK

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    Default Re: duofold cap band

    The cap band is swaged onto the cap. I don't know how you'd get it off and if you want to replace it with another that will also have to be swaged in place. The process requires a lathe. I agree, they're very nice pens.

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