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Thread: Eyeing my first Stipula

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    Default Eyeing my first Stipula

    Hello All!

    Iíll probably face some teasing for saying this, but Iíve never owned a Stipula. I donít know why, Iíve just never really been that drawn to them (thereís always been others Iíve wanted more, i.e. Delta or Visconti). Tastes change, I suppose, because Iím seriously considering an Etruria.

    Iíve pretty much decided on a wild honey or pirite. The wild honey material is gorgeous, but I canít seem to find one with chrome, which is preferable. The wild honey is well documented out there, but there donít seem to be nearly as many first hand accounts of the pirite. Can anyone help with that?

    Also, the wild honey material appears a bit transparent. Is ink visibility through the section an issue? (Iím not really a fan of that and I worry staining may be an issue.)

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