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Thread: Which 51?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon Szanto View Post
    Hereís a question: did every single 51 made feature an arrow clip?
    I have seen an increasing use of a clip from another Parker on common 51s, probably because the 17/Duofold cap is prone to cracking and plentiful with clips that can be made to fit. The end result doesn't look too bad at all. The end result is still a feather clip, just not a 51 clip and not as intended by Parker, a gold clip on the brushed cap is a nice effect.

    I haven't used any of my 51s for a long time, I took out a very ordinary dark red aero with a medium+ nib today, a joy to use, very smooth and perfect flow.
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    I don't care for the Vacumatics. My experience with them is 2 to ten years before needing a resac. I thought I wanted a plum aerometric, but the color is too dark. I like the cocoa and the midnight blue, with Lustraloy caps and clear jewel. Medium or fine nib, but I have a midnight blue with a Minuskin stub.

    Every First Year I have seen has the date code very worn. Of course, what would you expect after all this time? I don't imagine I will see the hundred year anniversary.


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