Hello Everyone,

I just acquired a used Pilot Capless Decimo through Ebay. The seller had claimed it was in good condition.

Upon arrival I noticed that it already had a blue black ink cartridge with particles of dry ink in it. It also wasn't writing too well. The former owner clearly had left it inked for a long time, allowing it to dry out.

I opened the pen and gave the nib unit a thorough wash. I soaked it in water with a drop of soap overnight and rinsed it in fresh water many times. A lot of old and dry ink got washed out.

It writes much better now but still stops in between, and I have to shake it to get it write again.
Is there anything I can do to get it to write properly? It looks like there's still some old ink clogging the feed, but I could be wrong.
Any advice will be deeply appreciated.

It's a lovely pen overall and I got it much cheaper than a new one. So I would like to retain it.

Thanks in anticipation.