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Thread: Rules & Guidelines for Classifieds

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    Default Rules & Guidelines for Classifieds

    Is there some place here where the rules and guidelines for the Classifieds sub-forum are listed?

    I'm particularly interested in anything which exists relative to posters "bumping" their items to the top of the list.
    Is there any limit as to how many times per week or total number of times an item can be bumped?

    It seems a bit unfair & rude to me that someone can keep bumping the same item up to the top, over and over again, which of course drives the posts of others...many of which are first time listings..... down and then off of the first page.

    Just curious; am I the only one who gets sick of seeing the same old stuff appearing on top of the landing page over & over again?

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    Default Re: Rules & Guidelines for Classifieds

    There are no rules. Generally I bump after one week, or price reductions will bump a thread anytime.

    Other things I try for:

    • Include price, sale terms, shipping terms.
    • Include photos.
    • My location
    • Don't converse and chat in classified threads.
    • Don't price police.
    • Don't "dibs" (e.g., don't "pm sent" - see comment in sticky)
    • Mark sold items SOLD.

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    Default Re: Rules & Guidelines for Classifieds

    Fred is correct. There are no rules & guidelines for Classified Ads. If there were any then those that Fred mentioned would be a great start.
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