I am new to forums, having not ever really been a part of one before. This is my first attempt. I have used fountain pens for years, beginning with one I received from my mother as a high school graduation present (1969). It is a Parker 45, which I still use regularly, today. A friend says "You can never have too much of a thing that you didn't need to begin with". This clearly applies to me and my pen collection. I have dozens.

Obviously, I do not use all the pens at one time. However, I do have three that I use daily: the Parker 45, a Schaefer desk pen and an original Namiki Vanishing Point. I then rotate the balance, routinely, so they all get some use. The Namiki was given to me years ago, by my children, as a birthday gift. It is one of the original blue, faceted vanishing point pens made and sold by Namiki.

Unfortunately, during a multi-TSA checkpoint process in an airport with a friend having a heart issue, the Namiki got left behind at one of the security checks (Take everything out of your pockets; put in tray, etc.). I did not notice the loss until the plane was in the air. Calling TSA proved predictably, fruitless. So..., I'm looking for a replacement.

It was blue plastic, with a faceted barrel and a pocket clip built into the tip. If anyone has one for sale or knows where I might buy one, I would appreciate hearing about it.