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Thread: Parker 3 Band Button Filler restoration

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    Default Parker 3 Band Button Filler restoration

    I bought this Parker button filler years ago and have never worked on one. I have re-sacked pens, but am very novice at repairs. I do not know what model this Parker is either. I looked on eBay for Parker 3 band black pens and didn't see any. If there is writing on the pen, aside from on the nib, I don't see it. The nib is embossed with "Parker Duofold Pen". Is it possible for me to get this pen writing again or is it best left to a repair person? I haven't tried to get it apart yet, but am willing to give it a try. Photos are posted for viewing. I also don't have any other button fillers so don't have any experience with them. I have some that fill with an eyedropper and have an old Conklin Crescent and quite a few old pens, but this is the first button filler I've had. Many thanks for your input and/or suggestions. If I can attempt to get it going again maybe there's a video somewhere that shows the process? ~ Not sure if the photos came through or not? There were 4 photos but the last two would not load. Sorry.
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    Default Re: Parker 3 Band Button Filler restoration

    Pretty sure it's a 3Duofold. They're great pens!

    Button fillers are pretty easy-IMO easier than lever fillers, although you may get different opinions about them.

    Basically to open one you first remove the button. It should pull straight out. Sometimes you can do it with your fingers, but small smooth jawed needle-nosed pliers make it easier. You want smooth jaws to not mar the button, which can make its operation sticky(although I've also polished them up when I had one that was sticky from either this or corrosion). When you remove, put the pliers under the head of the button and pull straight out. Don't pry/lever against the pen body as you can dent the plastic. I know this seems like a lot of steps, but you'll figure it out pretty quickly and easily.

    Once the button is out, the pressure bar should just drop out from the top. Although it's more important with screw on sections, you should always remove the pressure bar before removing the section, and don't reinstall it until after the section is back in place, as trying to work the sac into place with the pressure bar there can wrinkle it, fold it in, or worse puncture it.

    This age Duofold has press-fit sections, and it looks like yours is already most of the way out. Pull on it(use a bit of dry heat if necessary) and it should come the rest of the way out. You can then clean it up and fit the sac.

    Drop the section back in, then drop in the pressure bar and push the button back in. Done!

    One other note, though-

    Parker used two styles of pressure bars on button fillers. One I call a "full length" bar-the bottom rests against the section. These were only used on screw-on sections. With a slip-fit section, like the later Duofolds(including yours) pressing the button puts pressure on the section and can push it out. These pens use what's called a "hanging" pressure bar that has a joint in the center and a tab where it will hang from the button hole. I've been told hanging bars will work in all button fillers, although I've not had the best luck getting them to wok in older pens that would normally use a full length bar.

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    Default Re: Parker 3 Band Button Filler restoration

    In addition to the above instructions, I think it would be very good to read through Replacing a Sac on Richard Binder's site, and especially scroll down to the last part, dedicated to the special techniques for button fillers.
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