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Thread: Franklin-Christoph - why always for sale?

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    Default Franklin-Christoph - why always for sale?

    Not meant as a knock, but doesn't seem that here and in other pen fora Franklin-Christoph seem to make up the preponderance of pens for sale? It seems there are several for sale out there at any given time, especially on Instagrams Virtual Pen Show. I have three and I have generally been very happy with them and I love supporting a small American made pen company, but it strikes me that there may be a bit of buyer's regret out there or folks who select F-Cs first when it times to cull for a grail purchase. Anyway, just an observation.

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    Default Re: Franklin-Christoph - why always for sale?

    They're easy to resell. FCs are more liquid than just about any other pen.

    There are a lot out there, and I suspect most FC owners own multiple (I'm holding 5 or more currently, I've owned many more over the last decade.)

    When it comes time to sell pens for whatever reason, an FC usually goes on the block 'cause I know it'll be an easy sale.

    Most people selling an FC are also about to add another FC or two to their pen case.
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    Default Re: Franklin-Christoph - why always for sale?

    Also, F-C is one of the brands that a significant niche of 'new' pen people get into. It is uncomplicated and they know what they are getting. If they have the collecting bug, buty start to go wild. I know of no other pen company that can actively keep going, as F-C does, a "50 Pen Club". Yes, there are people who are so into these pens that they buy at least 50 of them, upon which F-C bestows another, special pen on them (I don't know what all goes into it, but I've seen it announced). They all look similar, they all perform similar, and they have easily swappable nibs.

    As such, and as mentioned above, they resell easily. This also means that many of these GenZ (or whatever era pen lovers are) buyers simply buy another pen on a whim, knowing that they can resell if it doesn't totally float there boat. There is no other pen I can think of that goies through so much "catch-and-release".
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    Default Re: Franklin-Christoph - why always for sale?

    I have only enough F-C pens in my collection to say they are represented. I think I have three, maybe four. That's bad when I don't even know...and no, I'm not selling any of them or anything else. Fountain pens are my dragon hoard as well as my preferred writing implement. I bought all of my F-C pens directly from the maker. And now I "need" to go look again...Wouldn't you know it? There's a batch release Tuesday July 12. I'll have to look then, too. I'd like one of the uranium yellow ones. Because I'm a science nerd. No other reason.

    Update: No uranium yellow pens in this release. My wallet is safe.
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    Default Re: Franklin-Christoph - why always for sale?

    I love FC pens! They are wonderful for what they are and even better in most regards!


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