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    Default Sheaffer amethyst

    Here’s another in the line of inks Sheaffer introduced after moving production from Slovenia to China and dropping the Skrip name. It comes in a tilt-well bottle that echoes an earlier style. I bought it mainly for the bottle.


    On first opening, the inner seal was stuck to the rim of the bottle. It wasn’t hard to secure it to the central post on the cap.


    I once tried a bottle of Sheaffer Skrip black (the empty pictured above), probably US-made. Compared to (say) Quink ink, Skrip ‘writing fluid’ seemed artificial, the stationery equivalent of ‘cola drink’, not the Real Thing. Makes no sense, but there it is.

    Based on online images, Sheaffer amethyst leans redder than Sheaffer Skrip purple. It’s also redder than J. Herbin violette pensée and bluer than Sailor okuyama (which is all sheen on Col-o-ring). I can rationalize that this ink fills a gap in my lineup, not that I needed to fill it.

    Swatches on Col-o-ring and Atoma paper.

    The Pelikan cartridge pen wrote drier than the Sheaffer vac-filler despite a broader nib.

    More Inktober doodles.

    Waterproofness: not so much.


    This ink is dark enough for general writing and makes a nice change from blue-black or black.

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