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Thread: Sheaffer Targa 1067A?

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    Default Sheaffer Targa 1067A?

    Hi folks,

    I received this Targa in a group of pens I bought. I love Sheaffers, but I don't know the modern ones well at all. I'm not sure if it's a 1086 or the quite rare 1067a (sold through Harrod's, only about 60 made). Please see here: The colour in the pictures is pretty close to the real colour. Note also the wider gold bands on cap and butt.

    If it is a Harrods pen, I know there are collectors looking for them. I tripped across this one, so if you need one feel free to get in touch.

    Thank you!


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    Default Re: Sheaffer Targa 1067A?

    Yep, I have the 1086 and this isn't a 1086. It happens to be one of my favorite pens when taking into account both writing and aesthetics - 14 layers of lacquer creates a holographic effect that's difficult to capture in photos. As you noted, yours has the wider gold "band" on the bottom, although I'd say your gold "band" is about the same width as mine on the cap...hard to tell without seeing more pics, but looks the same to me. Also, the 1086 has a small gold lip on the pen body side where the cap meets the pen body which yours does not have. Nice find!

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    Default Re: Sheaffer Targa 1067A?

    I agree it looks like it might be the 1067a. Do you know what nib tip width it has? I have 2 Sheaffer Targa Classic sized pens. Nice.
    (oh and by the way do you know your font size is 1 so it's very small and difficult to read?)
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