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    Just over a year ago, I introduced my own pen design, the Moonwalk Pen, which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Apollo lunar landings. I worked on the Saturn V moon rocket, and wanted to create a pen to honor that program. It took me about two years from concept to an actual pen that could be offered for sale. Since then, I've sold about 80 of these, mostly fountain pens, but also a few rollerballs.

    The pen is 3D printed in acrylic on a very high resolution Form2 printer, then hand painted and sealed with a tough ceramic clear coat. Featured design elements include the well-known Apollo footprint, a lunar surface texture, and some lunar craters. It is fitted with a JoWo nib and comes with a matching pen sleeve made by Rickshaw Bagworks.

    It has been fun and I have met a number of pen (and space) folks around the world, from Australia to Austria and everywhere in between. I am still offering these pens for sale. If you are interested, visit my web site at for more information or to place an order.

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    Hee hee!

    super cool pen!


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