Sorry I havenít been on for awhile. Been working hard and battling COVID-19. Now, in the midst of it all, I set down my soft side and had my pen case in the bottom. I have the cap being looked at to see if it can be repaired, but itís transparent can probably will look poor.

The pen is Kure Azur but any blue Professional Gear cap would be fine.

Iíd even be in the market for just the body, section, and cap, since my 21K MF nib and feed are still good.

I could use my black cap, but it just doesnít look good.

I did manage to replace my Vac700 (not the one with the R, but the double o-ring version), so thatís one less nightmare. Still need a Bexley Poseidon II yellow cap, that they may be impossible.

Let me know. Thanks!


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