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Thread: New Conid Maximalistica Bulkfiller prototype

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    Default New Conid Maximalistica Bulkfiller prototype

    Hi celluloid fountain pen fans !
    Just finished a new "standard" Conid Maximalistica Bulkfiller prototype in the exquisite Tibaldi "Rosso -Verde” celluloid.
    I only had a short piece of barstock left, just enough allowing me to make the pen.
    However the barstock was only 15.5mm in diameter, while I needed a finished diameter of 17 mm for the cap and 16mm for the body!
    Consequently I had to expand the cap and barrel parts to 18mm and stabilize the expanded parts before machining.
    This worked well, and here is the final result.
    As with all my pen designs, after making some sketches I
    start making a design drawing on a double scale.
    I’ve made the pictures presenting the pen on my original assembly drawing on the pen.
    When interested this allows you to see some design details.
    Specifically one can see the slip-fit cap fixation with an O-ring in the cap inner cap wall, used for both closing and posting the pen.
    Note capping/posting and vice versa occurs easily when using a combined twist /push or twist/pull movement.
    Initially I’ve used the O-ring slip fit design on the Conid Minimalistica prototype 7 years ago, and personally tested it for nearly a year before It went in production.
    Although some users felt initially somewhat uncomfortable, Conid sold over hundred twenty Minimalistic’s since then and never received any complaints.
    Benefit if the design is that the barrel grip is fully smooth and ergonomically pleasant , having no threads or diameter transition steps
    So we are fully confident this design will stand the test of time perfectly!
    Please note Conid will not start directly production of the Maximalistica , they will first use their part stock of the Kingsize Bulkfiller .
    Kind regards,
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    Default Re: New Conid Maximalistica Bulkfiller prototype

    Begone you fountain pen devil, tempting us poor souls with your seductive celluloids!

    They're lovely, Francis.
    "A truth does not mind being questioned. A lie does not like being challenged."

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    Default Re: New Conid Maximalistica Bulkfiller prototype

    How often do you sell these prototypes and experiments, Francis? I'm sure there are lots of folk who would be interested in owning a hand-made chunk of technical perfection!




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