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Thread: Taccia Momo Pink

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    Default Taccia Momo Pink

    This ink was part the mystery ink thread. It's fun testing inks without knowing anything about them. It removes a lot of preconceived ideas about certain brands...
    For my first Taccia ink, I got an unapologetic screaming pink

    Thanks @junglejim

    Its fun ink for washes for accents, but I don't see myself writing it. It has the subtlety of a bubblegum

    Just check the chroma:

    Writing samples:

    TR 68 gr
    45 - TR68.jpg
    45 - Rhodoa _ Maruman 1.jpeg
    45 - Rhodoa _ .jpeg
    Midori - Note feed was saturated... on the 2nd line...
    45 - Midori.jpeg

    This is a cheap Hilroy notebook. The paper is so absorbent that you can have ghosting with pencil marks

    Note bleed through and ghosting but then almost anything bleeds through on this paper...

    Dry time: It was quite long on Rhodia. But then Jinhao 450s are very wet pens. So take it with a grain of salt:
    drytime 45-46-47.jpeg
    I also added a nave drawing I did as part of yearly Inktober...
    The prompt I believe was tooth... I went for tooth fairy...
    Comparison: Mystery 45 is Momo Pink.. it's very close to Diamine Hope Pink...
    Comparaison 45-46 1.jpg
    Water test:
    water test 45-46-47.jpeg

    Pens used: Jinhao 450 (medium /fude)
    Shading: On some paper...
    Ghosting: None
    Bleed through: On cheap paper yes.
    Flow Rate: Good
    Lubrication: Decent
    Nib Dry-out: Not noticed
    Start-up: Not noticed
    Saturation: Pink
    Shading Potential: With wide nib on good paper. But good luck with that.
    Sheen: Apparently theres some gold sheen in heavy application.
    Spread / Feathering / Woolly Line: Not noticed
    Nib Creep / Crud: No
    Staining (pen): I doubt it.
    Clogging: Nope.
    Water resistance: Meh!
    Availability: 40 ml bottles
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