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    Default Re: Poetry Central

    Here's one I wrote don't remember when (1990s):

    EoC's "carrion" reference made me think of this....

    For Emily

    A fly buzzed when I died,
    Hungry, excited by the prospect of a flaccid hand
    On which to land, or a purple eyelid.
    This fly knew my last breath
    and called to its crew
    Of fellow watchers of death,
    Comrades in carrion comfort.
    On supple flesh and still chest,
    They fear no swat
    Or fisted prison,
    Free to wander my folds, ears, nose,
    Places nobody goes.
    Happy travelers, theyíre just looking for a home
    To rest their sticky legs,
    To lay their clumpy eggs,
    Soon-to-be maggots and chewing drones.
    Here I draw the line, however.
    Iíll suffer my furry, big-eyed friends with feelers;
    They mean me no harm.
    But white worms that inch and tunnel
    Iíll pummel, I swear I will,
    Just as soon as I lift this arm
    And resurrect for the kill.

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