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Thread: Replacing the nib on a kit pen

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    Default Replacing the nib on a kit pen

    A friend (who knows I'm into fountain pens) has asked me this question. Someone gifted him a wood pen that was almost certainly made from a kit. (The picture he sent me is below.) He likes the pen but not the nib, which is stiff and scratchy. So he would like to replace it. It seems this nib screws out. Does anyone know what nib would fit as a replacement?

    2023-01-14 10.50.42.jpg

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    Default Re: Replacing the nib on a kit pen

    At a glance, any #5 within the standard range. Probably Schmidt. They vary in minor ways sometimes, but there are workarounds.

    At the end of the day, you have to pull it apart and measure it. First is of course is the diameter (that looks like a 5 mm), then the length of the nib and the feed. and have a selection of makes, styles and sizes; and some schematics. I've ordered from both, and like fpnibs. If you're willing to pay the 20 euro dhl express shipping, you get it in about 4 days from Spain. Current UK mail disruptions have me still waiting on a package.

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    Default Re: Replacing the nib on a kit pen

    Hi. There’s a pretty high chance that whatever he plans to replace it with will be equally'stiff' ! But smoothing the nib to 'buttery' , then backing it off to a tiny bit of 'paper feel' by another slight wipe on the smoothing medium will make the nib a pleasure to write with , and will obviate any new purchase….

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