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Thread: Tiny but mighty Tortoise.

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    Default Re: Tiny but mighty Tortoise.

    I am used to stubs, and like music nibs from Platinum, but the IB from Pelikan is too much for me. I tried it on a M800 and was disappointed, as I thought I would love that nib size.
    Enjoy that "little" monster (in the good senses of "little" and "monster").

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    Default Re: Tiny but mighty Tortoise.

    A bit late to the party...but I think of a 400, P-75 or Esterbrook DJ as standard sized pens....NOT TINY.

    But if one learned fountain pens with in the last 30-40 years when Large and Oversized pens became thought of as normal....a standard pen is tiny.

    The trick is to post medium-small, standard and medium-large pens, as I'd seen as normal back in the era of B&W TV. Then they are not small.

    And they have great balance, because no one would have bought them back in the day of One Man, One Pen, when one bought a pen every decade to keep up with the Jones.

    Balance was very important when one used a pen many hours in the day.

    The only pens that I've run into that is large with great balance was the thin Snorkel. The P-45 has very good balance....the Large 146 is IMO more stately than nimble. The '48-60 medium-large 146, has great balance, and a better nib.

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