I came back from the US having failed to buy a 50ml bottle of P.I. Ajisai thinking I already had one but sadly I don't have that particular colour and I really like writing with it after having filled my pen with it in Dromgoole's.

Anyone want to swap their bottle of P.I. Ajisai for a different colour? Or maybe even a different brand altogether? Please let me know and maybe we can trade. Amazon.com will not post ink bottles to UK addresses, and UK sellers charge much more for P.I. Ink bottles than Amazon.com and US sellers do. I can't find a bottle to buy within the UK that's what I would call "a reasonable price". Maybe I have to wait a year for another US holiday?

P.S. I don't really anticipate any US members wanting to do this trade as I am aware that there seems to be some concern about mailing ink bottles out of the US. However, just in case of a miracle happening, I am perfectly happy with mailing my exchange bottle anywhere in the world.

Thanks for reading.