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Thread: Spam is driving me away

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    Default Re: Spam is driving me away

    Am I the only one who wants @catbert to draw a picture of a can of Spam driving @countrydirt away....? (I tried drawing it myself and failed - granted, I didn't try for long, but there are so many other things I ought to be doing that it didn't seem prudent to spend several hours on it...)

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    Default Re: Spam is driving me away

    ... Spam in general, and one spammer in particular, has been a constant subject of posts, complaints, reports, whining, defense of the spammer, ever since the spam began to increase and as it continues to grow.

    A true starvation diet requires FPG members to freeze out spammers. This is not ignoring spam. It's intentional, active, and sustained isolation of the spammers. I understand that this will have no effect on bot spammers. It would require a concerted effort to deprive spammers of the recognition and attention that motivates them. It would mean not acknowledging the spam and the spammers: put a wall around them and deprive them of the satisfaction of provoking a response. ...

    To recap, I've not suggested that we all just throw up our hands and concede FPG to the spammers. My suggestion is a unified consistent response of freezing out the human spammers. It would require long term commitments by members to the plan, not responding on the Board and not encouraging the behavior back channel.


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