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Thread: (article) How handwriting lost its personality (The Atlantic)

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    Default Re: (article) How handwriting lost its personality (The Atlantic)

    Quote Originally Posted by Kaputnik View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Lloyd View Post
    I've yet to see 200 year old writings that look anywhere as awful as my daily hand...
    I think that the samples we are most likely to see of old handwritten documents are the ones, like the Declaration of Independence, over which the writers took some care. I have seen some examples of sloppy, hard to read writing from the 19th century at least, perhaps the 18th.

    Recalling that Thoreau's friends used to complain about his terrible handwriting, it took only a moment to find an example.

    Feel better?
    I wish I had that to show my 4th grade penmanship teacher. Unfortunately, it's about 50 years too late.

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    A: It can be.
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    M: No it isn't!

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    Default Re: (article) How handwriting lost its personality (The Atlantic)

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