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Thread: Guide to Play Corner Betting in Football

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    Default Guide to Play Corner Betting in Football

    According to the Betting Guide section, corner betting is one of the popular types of bets when participating in football betting. This type of bet is straightforward to play and has a high winning rate. So, what exactly is corner betting? How can we accurately analyze corner betting odds? Let's find the answers in the following article from Wintips.

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    What is Corner Betting?
    Before exploring how to analyze corner betting odds, let's understand this type of bet first. Corner betting is a side bet similar to yellow card, red card, or Asian handicap betting when it comes to sports betting. Although not as well-known as other types, it still holds a unique attraction for players.
    With corner betting, you don't need to worry about the match's score or which team wins or loses. Players only need to focus on the total number of corners in the match. Alongside that are factors such as which team takes the first corner and which team takes the last corner in the match. Bookmakers will adjust the corner odds based on specific matches.

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    Guide to Analyzing Corner Betting Odds Accurately
    If you want to achieve high efficiency in any type of betting, you need to analyze each league and team thoroughly. From there, you can predict the number of corners the match is likely to have, ranging from 10 to 12 corners.
    Specifically, the first corner will typically happen within the first 8 minutes of the game. The bookmakers will offer accurate odds for you to place bets. According to the analysis of experienced betting experts, the number of corners will fall into three fixed groups:
    Group 1: Teams ranked from 2 to 4 usually have around 10.5 corners.
    Group 2: Teams ranked from 5 to 17 usually have an average of 10.6 to 11.5 corners per match.
    Group 3: Teams ranked from 18 to 20 have more than 11 corners.
    Based on the compiled statistics, you'll notice that about 48% of the matches in Group 1 typically have a corner after the 5th minute. For Group 2, this percentage increases to about 53%.
    Things to Note When Betting on Corner
    First, you need to thoroughly research the condition of the teams you're planning to bet on. The more information you have about playing style, lineup, tactics, defense, etc., the more accurate your decision will be. In the case of two evenly matched teams, the match's pace will be tense and heated. Such situations often lead to defensive weaknesses that can be exploited.
    At the beginning of the match, players still have full energy. This is when they will continuously attack the opponent's goal. Therefore, corners are more likely to happen right from the start. It's wise to place bets at the beginning of the match.
    Usually, the odds for the first corner will be in favor of the stronger team. If you're betting on the last corner, the team needing a goal will have a higher chance of winning the final corner.
    It's also beneficial to accumulate betting experience from various sources to gain a broader perspective. Joining football forums or reading sports news can help you get a more comprehensive view. Being part of significant forums allows you to learn from and interact with more experienced players.

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    Above are the ways to analyze corner betting odds compiled by Wintips. Although this type of bet might not be as popular, many players still prefer and choose it. Corner betting is simple, and the winning rate is high without worrying about specific goals or which team wins or loses the game.

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    Default Re: Guide to Play Corner Betting in Football

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