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Thread: Mont Blanc 149 ink flow

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    Default Mont Blanc 149 ink flow

    some months ago i came into a 149 with what was claimed to be an italic nib ... looks to be ground, but feels OK and writes with moderate line variation. I'd like to increase the ink flow and use this pen more often...

    Can anyone help me adjust it for a more generous wetness?

    any help or suggestions would be appreciated

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    Default Re: Mont Blanc 149 ink flow

    You might have received more responses if you had placed your post in the repair forum but to adjust a Montblanc 149 nib for wetness isn't really a job for an amateur as it's not a nib that can easily be removed for any adjustments to be done. A fairly simple thing you might potentially try is to stand it up, nib down, inside a small container of water with a wad of kitchen towel in the bottom (to protect the nib point) inside an ultrasonic cleaner and give it a good ultrasonic clean.

    Some might advise using an ultra thin brass shim down the nib slit but it's not something I would do with any of my Montblancs because once you have done that without being able to see what you're doing to the plastic feed below the nib there is no going back and undoing it just in case you're a bit heavy handed. You might not even have the feed slot perfectly lined up with the nib slit and you won't even know it.

    An expert could do the job for you at a reasonable price. You could ask Kirk Speer at Pen Realm for a quote. I know he does this sort of thing.
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