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Thread: Montblanc Fountain Pen and Nib ID Help

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    Default Montblanc Fountain Pen and Nib ID Help


    I received this Montblanc fountain pen as a gift from work maybe 7-8 years ago. I used it for a grand total of maybe 2 hours, stored it carefully, and promptly forgot about it. I rediscovered it in my desk recently and have decided to sell it since I do not use it. However…I’m having some trouble identifying exactly which model it is and which nib is in it. It looks like what a lot of other folks are calling a model 146…is that correct? And the nib has a bit of a backstory—after trying the original medium nib it came with I thought I might like a different one, and Montblanc gave me a 1 time complimentary nib swap for free. However, all the paperwork was done on real, physical paper, through snail mail, and I must have lost it since. So I can’t remember what nib I had them replace it with and lost the records. I think it was one of the oblique ones.

    Bonus points for rough estimates on what you think it’s worth! Thanks ahead of time.


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    Default Re: Montblanc Fountain Pen and Nib ID Help

    The models Le Grand and 146 are more or less interchangeable for the size of the pen and the fact it is a piston filler and were used depending on date of manufacture. The numbered models: 145,146 and 149 were merely precursors to modern models that include Classic, Chopin and Le Grand
    All of the information you need is there on your box: your pen is a Meisterstück Ultra Black Le Grand. A modern pen.

    If you want to sell it then the best way to find out a price is to look for pens that have sold. ebay is probably your best bet. Just search for the model then in the left hand column check Sold items. If 10 different people give you a price, they will all differ. I have no idea how much I would try to sell it for unless I checked on ebay. If you remember how much you paid for it then compare that with the prices they have recently sold for you will have some idea where to pitch your price.

    You really need to find your warranty booklet and nib paperwork. You will need to put what nib it has on the listing when you sell it. Some people won't want to guess whether it's an oblique or a straight nib. Not having this essential information will knock down the price.
    Regards, Chrissy | My Blog: inkyfountainpens

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