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Thread: Please help identify this antique Waterman Ideal

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    Default Please help identify this antique Waterman Ideal

    Hello to everybody. Please help me to identify this pen. There are located the following hallmarks on the body of the pen: the sponsor's mark - "F.D.W." (Frank D. Waterman son of L.E. Waterman, and president of the company from 1904 to perhaps the 1930s); the hallmark of the traditional fineness symbol in the form of a lion, which means sterling silver; and the date letter mark in the form of the letter O, according to English Silver Hallmark reference book, the mark is from the London Assay office 1909. There is a gift inscription: "Presented to Rev F.E. Birch by mission council & sydesmen". I suppose itís Waterman Ideal and it was made in Great Britain, around 1909. And I couldnít find the same overlay patter, but it looks like a "Puritan". Is it correct? Maybe somebody has more information. And is it rare pen or regular? Thank you so much 😊

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    Default Re: Please help identify this antique Waterman Ideal

    I can't help with any of your questions but this is gorgeous. Do you have the cap?

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    Default Re: Please help identify this antique Waterman Ideal

    Nothing to worry about identifying . Yes it is a WATERMAN.Looks like JUST A WATERMEN OF CENTURY OLD PEN. it not a vintage pen but seems like an antique pen. It is sad and too pity it is not having it's cap.
    This solid silver pen might worth doing a bit more restoration cleaning /polishing and reshaping it nib. Me in your place, I use it as a dip pen. I am not sure this is the original nib for this pen. seems someone changed it original nib or did a replacement. The big gap between the feed and the present nib raises a question for me.
    Normally No 4 nib looks strange when fit into the dropper pens in Waterman's. If you fill ink/ ( or water to test ) can see if the flow is very wet. It'll tell you something. Perhaps you can find a fitting (Donor ) cap in hard rubber from a spare -part sales.
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