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Thread: Want to Trade Montblanc 221 for ???

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    Default Want to Trade Montblanc 221 for ???

    Howdy everybody,

    I have a Montblanc 221 that I find I don't use as often as I thought I would, despite its very cool nib with upturned tip, like one of the old Macniven and Cameron dip nibs. It's a smooth writer, and fun to write with, but the nib is a Fine, and I've discovered that I really don't like fine nibs that much, except for drawing. And I already have a pen for that, an Oversized Balance.

    So I've decided to trade it for something different (to an established forum member). I'm open to offers. I prefer pens with nibs that create line variation, especially oblique (left foot) stubs and cursive italics, but also pens with some flex. Like I mentioned above, I'm not really nuts about fine nibs, except flex fine nibs. Other than that, I like (Western) medium nibs, and also B or BB sometimes.

    Here are some pens that I'd consider in trade. The list is nowhere near exhaustive, and some of them rarely if ever come as stubs, at least from the factory, so I may sound a little schitzy. Please just humor me and carry on.

    Vintage white dot Sheaffer Balance (not a small one)
    Vintage white dot Sheaffer with Triumph nib
    Vintage white dot Sheaffer Imperial
    Vintage Parker 51 (gold nib, not Special)
    Vintage Wahl-Eversharp Skyline
    Lamy 2000
    Pelikan M200
    Moore lever-filler

    These are all pens that have sold on eBay recently at roughly the same price as a Montblanc 221, many of them with stub nibs.

    Like I said, the list is nowhere near exhaustive, so feel free to offer a fountain pen not on it.

    The Montblanc 221 has a 14K Fine Nib and a piston-filling system. Photos below (Sorry a couple of them are not quite up to snuff. I've got a bit of a cold, and I didn't want to hassle with cameras and tripod and lenses and tents and lighting instruments, so I opted for quick and sleazy with my iPhone camera. If anyone needs a better photo of anything, please let me know. Even though the focus on a couple of them is a little soft, I think altogether they show pretty well how the pen looks.)

    1 - MB221 capped.jpg

    2 - MB221 posted.jpg

    3 - MB221 front of nib.jpg

    4 - MB221 back of nib and feed.jpg

    5 - MB221 side of nib.jpg

    6 - MB 221. piston filler extended.jpg

    7 - MB221 snowflakes.jpg
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