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Thread: Nakaya Struggles to Meet Demand

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    Update: It appears that those "geniuses" from UPS are well and truly returning my pen to That's what tracking says, anyway. I cannot believe this. I contacted them last week, they said they'd contact me about customs, and now all of a sudden, the thing is on its way to Miami. Now it remains to be seen how handles this.

    Edit: Actually, it appears that aren't "returning" the pen, but have already "returned" it. Their tracking is somewhat ambiguous on this point. But tracking shows some sort of "proof of delivery" (with no signature and no indication of who received the package). Hmm. Well, it appears that already has the pen. Extremely annoying. BTW, tracking also claims that they contacted the sender repeatedly (for clearance information). But who knows if this is actually true: tracking claims that they contacted me about clearance (ten days ago), when they did nothing of the sort.
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    Default Re: Nakaya Struggles to Meet Demand

    If it will make you feel better, lately my experience with UPS Stateside has been similar to what you have experienced. But that is still better than some recent USPS experiences.

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