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Thread: Richard Binder nib-grinding video

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    Default Richard Binder nib-grinding video

    Found this looking up nib-grinding tutorials on YouTube. Watching it was a real treat.

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    Default Re: Richard Binder nib-grinding video

    Ah, yes, Ralph! What an interesting young fellow he is!

    He came on the scene a couple of years ago, was a mad nib scientist, trying all kinds of things and designs, primarily centered around adding flex. He had kind of a brand called Regalia Labs, and I bought one of his nibs at the SF show a number of years ago. At some point, there was such a demand that he burned out and went away for a while. I now see hi is occasionally posting and has nibs for sale, now he seems to be focusing on 'stacked' nibs. He is a remarkable soul, very talented, and it was really a great thing that he went and studied with Binder. Thanks for posting and reminding me of all this. Below is a photo of one of his nibs with Ralph's hands in the background. I purchased an identical nib in silver trim at that show.

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