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Thread: Pelikan's on a roll!

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    Default Pelikan's on a roll!

    I can't quite believe the rate of new pens coming out of Pelikan at the moment. Rose quartz we'd been waiting for, and the Glauco Cambon had been in the works for a while, but there's the red/white m600, and now the copper rose gold m200. With the pastel blue SE that's three new 20Xs in a year.

    And what intrigues me is that there are some new directions. Copper - is there going to be a 'metallic' 200 family? The gold marbled and the copper make me wonder whether it will be silver next, or maybe steel? Plus the Glauco Cambon which is genuinely a new and quite striking idea. At this rate I will be bankrupt before the end of 2024 :-)

    So why suddenly is all this happening? Theories, anyone?

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